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We have been working hard for a year now to make our 1st Annual Florida ICEd Cake Competition a success. We have tons of prizes to win for all.. We have tons of great raffle prizes. We have beautiful trophies. The judges and demostrator classes are out of this world with great people and talents, donating their time and talents for the show event.  We have vendors, free cake sample area. We are inviting the public, brides, event planners, competitiors. We have "Kids Corner for the kids for free to play in the sugar, now that is the ultimate for a kid or adult.. PhotoFrost is the Show Sponsor. They are doing a no charge free raffle for a free PhotoFrost machine and system, just put your name in and have a chance to win.. It's really going to be a great show.. so come on everyone check out www.FloridaICED.com and come join us in the competition for all levels, and regrister for the demos, and support our event.. We greatly would appreciate the support .  Love to hear from you and let us know if you have any questions, we are more then glad to help in any way... see you there.. Best Regards, Co-Chairman, Lisa Menz and Melaine Judge..  

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