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Hello Everyone,

I want to give you an update regarding getting the Florida Cottage Food Act passed into law. At our meeting that was held on Sept. 11th, only 4 people showed up, Amy Spencer, Karen Scheff, Stephanie Boswell and Nicole Srur. There were several people who could not make the meeting but, offered ways to help.

We are working on starting a blog, and an online petition. Since there are elections this November this will give us time to contact talk with everyone you know to get ideas from them. If we talk about it to friends and family they may know someone that could help get the bill on the agenda. After the elections we need to resend the letters to the State Representatives even if you already sent it keep sending them. These representatives receive a lot of emails everyday and there is a chance it doesn't get read. Currently there are 25 states that have passed the Cottage Food Act. Florida needs to be added to that list, and in order for that to be done eveyone needs to participate. We elect these people and put them into office and their job is to work for us. If you sent the letter that is great but keep sending them, these representative get a lot of emails and mail and there can be a chance that one letter you sent did not get read. Keep sending them at least once a week.

I changed the letters that I have given out and added the 25 states that have the Cottage Food Act. If you would like the revised letter email me at krazyaboutcake@gmail.com

Thank you to all who are working hard on taking the time to help get the our request to have the Cottage Food Act become law in Florida.


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